How To Best Care For Your Pink Princess Philodendron

Looking for the best Pink Princess Philodendron care guide to keep your plant looking its best? This is the guide you’re looking for. The Pink Princess Philodendron, or PPP for short, is a striking aroid that is adored by beginner and seasoned plant collectors alike. With it’s dark inky green leaves and cotton candy pink …

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Philodendron Pastazanum Care – The Ultimate Guide

philodendron pastazanum image 3

Looking for the best way to care for your Philodendron Pastazanum? Then this guide is for you! Philodendrons come in many different shapes and sizes. The philodendron pastazanum is treasured for its long petioles and pillowy heart-shaped leaves. The pastazanum comes in it’s standard form and the silver form which has striking silvery patches on …

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