How to Make a Large Humidity Dome for Plants

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There may come a time when one of your plants will suffer from low humidity. If you’re in need of a way to give your plant a humidity boost but want to skip the humidifier or pebble tray, then a humidity dome is just what you need.

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Why does a plant need humidity?

Plants have stomata which are basically pores that control gas exchange. Carbon dioxide, a gas, is essential for photosynthesis, and stomata allow the exchange of carbon dioxide to take place. Humidity helps make photosynthesis possible because it keeps stomata open. If a plant loses too much water, then stomata will close and therefore causing photosynthesis to stop. Without photosynthesis, the plant cannot survive.

Signs that your plant needs more humidity:

  • plant begin to droop and wilt
  • yellowing leaves
  • leaves develop brown edges
  • leaves become crispy to the touch

Conventional Ways to Increase Humidity for Plants

There are a few conventional ways to help increase humidity around your plants. However, these methods come with some negative effects.

For example, a using a humidifier can increase the humidity for you and your plants. However, too much moisture in the air can cause mold to form on your walls. Furthermore, not using the right kind of water in your humidifier can introduce bacteria into the air, which can be harmful to you and your family.

Misting the leaves of your plant can help to keep stomata open. However, constantly misting your plants’ leaves can eventually lead to fungal growth.

Placing your plant on top of a pebble tray filled with water is a better alternative to misting the leaves. However, a pebble tray can’t truly control humidity because the water simply evaporates into the room.

The Benefits of a Humidity Dome

A humidity dome is a great way to give your plant more humidity. When you bring the humidity to an optimal level, the result is a healthier, lush, and more beautiful plant.

There’s also less fuss when you use a humidity dome. For instance, you won’t have to worry about cleaning a humidifier. You also won’t have to constantly remember to mist your leaves. A humidity dome creates a small micro-environment for your plant and won’t allow the humidity to get lost to a large room.

How to Make a Large Humidity Dome

All you’ll need are a few simple supplies that you can easily find at most stores like Walmart or Target, or online at Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll need:


First, remove the lid from the storage bin and place it upside down on the surface of where you will be keeping your plant. Be sure that you pick a location that gets bright, indirect sunlight.

Next, place your plant on top of the lid.

Fill your cups, bowls, or shallow tray with water and place them on the lid alongside your plant.

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If you have a spray bottle, spray some water onto the lid. The water droplets on the large surface of the lid have a larger surface area and will help to increase the humidity in your dome faster.

Place your humidity monitor on the lid by your plant. This will help you monitor the humidity inside your humidity dome. You can put your humidity monitor on top of an upside-down up to keep it dry.

Finally, cover the plant, water vessels, and monitor with the storage bin to enclose them inside and your micro-environment has been created!

humidity dome, large humidity dome, humidity dome for large plants, how to make a humidity dome

Things To Consider with a Humidity Dome

Plants need lots of air to grow properly, so keeping your plant inside a humidity dome for a prolonged period is not advised. Once your plant shows signs of rehabilitation, take it out of the humidity dome.

You can also vent your humidity dome for a few hours per day. Another option is to safely drill holes on the side of the storage bin to vent your dome and to allow air inside.

Humidity Dome Uses

Your humidity dome will give your plant up to 90% humidity. If you’re plant is in dire need of some extra moisture, definitely give this a try and prepare yourself for the amazing results.

You can use this humidity dome to rehabilitate many plants, even dying ones. With such an economical way of making a humidity dome, it’s worth a try to see if you can save some of your less healthy plants.

If you want a humidity dome that looks pretty (for lack of a better word), you can opt to use a glass cloche or small greenhouse. It’s rather difficult to find large humidity domes made of glass, so using a large plastic storage bin may be your only cost-effective option. Some storage bins are actually quite neutral in style, so you may not mind the look of it. After all, it’s all about the health of your plant.

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