Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa aka the “Swiss Cheese Plant” gets its name from the Latin meaning of “monsterous” for Monstera, due to the size it can achieve (greater than 60 feet when grown outdoors) along with its peculiar leaf fenestrations. This Monstera is named Deliciosa because it produces a corncob shaped fruit that is, well…delicious. This Monstera bears fruit that is said to taste like a mix of banana, pineapple, and mango.

Light: Bright Indirect Light
Soil: Well Draining, loose, airy soil
Watering: Water when top inch of soil is dry
Humidity: Does well in humudity greater than 60%
Fertilizing: 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer works well to achieve best foliage